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Jason Wenig


Married to Kim


Jett (6) & Luke (4)


Hubert & Willoughby (both rescue dogs)


Brooklyn, NY

Currently live:

Fort Lauderdale, FL


How long have you been working with cars?

For as long as I can remember

How long have you been working at the workshop?

Our ten year anniversary will be held in August

What is your specialty at the workshop?

Keeping the roof on.

Noted accomplishments/Certifications

I haven’t killed anyone….yet.


What is the best car event you’ve ever participated in?

Amelia Island Concours

What is your favorite car ever owned?

1968 Ford Bronco

What is your dream car?

I think of cars like women think of shoes. I can have a different car for any situation.

What is your favorite Car Movie?

Cars (Pixar), Cannonball run, Lemans, the chase scene from Blues Brothers

Any personal car projects?

1960 Vauxhall Station Wagon, 1927 Citroen, 1959 Sunbeam Alpine, 1955 Rat rod


…many things.

Car event you want to attend?

Mille Miglia

What race series do you watch?

True off road racing (not stadium) and Rallye.
Man, Machine and Mother Nature.

Favorite driver?


What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done in a car?

….far too many to list. Thinking back on it all, it is amazing I made it.

Cubic inches, turbo, supercharger or nitrous?

Power-to-Weight ratio. Period.

Any other comments?

…proud of my team and the work we put out.






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