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Chassis Dyno – New!

Creative Workshop’s new state of the art chassis Dyno!

In addition to our award winning restoration services, we are proud to announce the launch of our Works department here at The Creative Workshop!

Our new Dynojet 224X is ready for all rear wheel and front wheel drive, fuel injected and carbureted, domestic and foreign, early and late model vehicles! Our in-ground dyno can handle up to 2000 HP and 200 MPH!

In addition, we are now offering the following aftermarket bolt-on and custom modification services to our clients:

  • Engine and Cylinder Head
  • Intake, fuel delivery and ignition
  • Supercharger, turbocharger and NOS
  • Full fabrication shop (inclusive of tig welding and aluminum fabrication)
  • Machining and prototype services (3D – rapid prototype).

Be it a classic, thoroughbred, exotic, late-model, custom, performance or race vehicle, we can handle any and all aftermarket, bolt-on and/or custom speed equipment and modifications in-house.

Call (954-920-3303) or Email (Dyno@TheCreativeWorkshop.com)
for information or to schedule an appointment.

For the hardcore enthusiast:

  • Performance tuning and troubleshooting
  • Establish baselines before modifications
  • Race and track tuning and preparation
  • Real-time tuning
  • Custom and bolt-on speed equipment
  • Design and rapid prototyping services

For the general enthusiast:

  • Ever wonder what your production car actually does at the wheels?
  • Want to get more speed, power and performance out of your stock vehicle?
  • Classic car never quite in tune?
  • Want to test and confirm stated factory specs?

You’ve got the car…now it is time for bragging rights. One dyno pull and you will finally know what you really have!

Our Pull Position leader board hides no secrets!

Dyno Services:

Capabilities (*for most vehicles):
Air Fuel ratio, Dyno Trac load control, Plug heat range, Pulley ratio changes, Fuel injection Adjustments, ECM Reflash, Chip Tuning, carburetor jetting, Distributor Curve,  etc.

Note: No full time 4 wheel or all wheel drive cars at this time



Base line Pull:

Two back to back pulls w/ cool down & print outs



Hourly rate


Dyno Rental:
(with operator)

  • $275 for first two hours (minimum)
  • $125 each additional hour
  • Full day (8 hours) discount: $950


Club pricing available, please inquire.

Call (954-920-3303) or Email (Dyno@TheCreativeWorkshop.com)
for information or to schedule an appointment.





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