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Our dynamic boutique nature coupled with a unique cross section of skills allows us great flexibility to meet challenging tasks and client’s needs.

Take the eCarriage initiative:
Our turn of the century eCarriage is designed to capture the spirit of wonderful, brass era cars. They are built with craftsman’s details – this is no “kit car”. Yet, through modern mechanical design and technology, we are able to build these cars stronger, more resilient and in a standardized way to enable easy, cost effective maintenance if needed. They are built to “look and feel the part” - yet they are ready for daily abuse.

The “Eco” part comes from cutting edge, fully electric propulsion. Incredibly powerful, variable speed, regenerative, 100% torque motors, control panels that are infinitely adjustable to accommodate speed, acceleration and charge/decharge parameters, and resilient battery packs that provide gobs of energy over remarkably long periods of time. When a recharge is necessary, turn-around time is a mere fraction of the de-charge time.

The initial commission behind this idea originated from the desire to retire the horse-drawn carriages in Central Park, New York City. The concept, however, is applicable to nearly any tourist destination worldwide.

We are able to design (in Virtual space) nearly any type or style of car, build (a prototype vehicle for testing) and manufacture (scale-up for economies of scale and production of multiple units) unique vehicles to meet specific demands – be it era, size, style or unique characteristics to meet a particular business model.

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